Equine Hauling

We offer high end equine hauling for everyone and every occasion. We are fully insured and ready to go always, due to the fact that we live on the road. We have made our avocation our vocation!

here is a list of some of our trailering options. If what you need is not listed do not worry i’m sure we can accommodate.

-show to show (within a state)

-show to show (across state lines)

-transporting to new homes

-transporting to new owners

-mini horse transport

-draft horse transport (up to 23 hands)

-emergency transport to nearest vet or hospital (extra fees may apply if on short notice or late hours)



While your horses are in our care we do ask that you provide a proper Halter and lead line.

if you are transporting a draft horse we do recommend that they have a bumper on their halter for extra safety.

for all showing horses we do recommend that they travel fully wrapped, front and back. for extra support and protection.

If your horses are traveling overnight with us, we do ask :

- they receive proper electrolytes 24 hours before travel.

-you provide enough hay and feed for the time over the road ( if you run out we always have extra on board, at cost to owners )

-you provide all supplements, meds and electrolytes for your horse for travel time.

-for colder weather please provide blankets




Please make sure that all horses and other animals are up to date on all required vaccinations, cogins and have a current health certificate . All paperwork will be given to us before we will load any horses or animals onto the trailer.

Livestock Hauling

For anyone who does not fall into the horse category but does have an animal friends that need to get from a to b, don’t worry, we are here for you.

we haul most all four legged friends, sorry elephants and giraffe we can’t help you.

here is a short list of some of the animals we can accommodate.





-chickens, ducks, roosters

we haul to livestock shows, new locations and across state lines.

we don’t not haul any animals to slaughter or any related reasons!!



for all livestock animals, please make sure they have proper halters and lead ropes.

for any foul friends, we do ask that they be in a cage for safe and proper transport.

if they are traveling overnight with us all animals need to have the proper amount of food, with bowls for the ride. ( food can be provided at an extra cost)

please bring all meds and supplements as well.


Documents :

Please make sure all livestock animals are up to date on their coigns and have a current health certificate.

( if you do not know the required vaccinations please contact your local vet for information)